Basset Hound Information

Basset Hound History

The name Basset Hound comes from the root words bas which means low. This may have come about due to the fact that the Basset Hound is so low to the ground. Many think that the Basset is a decedent of the Bloodhound, and were the result of the pairing of dwarf dogs that may have been present in a litter. The Basset Hound became very popular when it was shown in 1863 in a Paris Dog Show. The breed was then sought after by those who either wanted to breed the dog for hunting and those who wanted to keep the breed as a companion dog. American breeders were able to create a temperament that was very pleasing to those seeking for a companion and those who wanted the hunting background. In 1885 the breed was then recognized by the American Kennel Club.

The Basset Hound breed was recognized for its hunting skills and superior sense of smell. They tend to be quite slow in movement those but will be able to scent out any prey. It is known today that George Washington may have owned Bassets which were presented to him after the American Revolution.

Basset Hounds' Appearance

The Basset Hound is known for its short frame and its long ears. The head is quite large and the skin of the Basset falls loosely around the body. The skin around the head should fall in folds and the ears should not seem flat but have a fold. The teeth should meet in a scissor bite and the eyes which appear sad should seem droopy and show haw. They should not show signs of aggression or harshness but should exude kindness.

The chest of the basset is very deep and will extend to the front of the forelegs. The paws are quite large and the short coat should be very shiny and hard. The movement of the Basset is very slow but deliberate. The Basset stems from hunting background and therefore each movement is calculated. The coat color may range and there are no rules concerning the color options.

Basset Hounds' Temperament

The Basset Hound is known for its family oriented temperament. They are kind and sweet. The Basset is known as a peaceful animal that should never show signs of aggression, or viciousness. They are also known to be very friendly with children and are known to be incapable of biting. The breed is known to be a bit stubborn, but is known to be considered a wonderful addition to any home. The basset has a long deep bark that you cannot miss. They can be a bit difficult to train but with proper consistent training will catch on. They are known for their hunting lines so when they are involved in following a scent that has caught their attention, it may be hard to gain their attention.

Basset Hound's Role

The Basset Hound plays the role of the sweet natured family companion. They are adorable to look at and carry a sense of kindness. They are never aggressive and will never bite. They love children and are well behaved. They are intelligent and stem from the hunting lines so their sense of smell is heightened. They are slow in pace but deliberate in movement.


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